Nothing here yet! :)

username : evnkkaebb
password : *******

byf i'm a minor , i'm busy sometimes , i always reply late , i'm not perfect :)

dfi you're mentioned in my dislikes


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she / her xiv filo
intp libra ambivert
graphic designer

likes gfriend hybe labels friends music anything purple and blue dark mode sweets pastel colors cute stuffs aesthetics matcha and cookies & cream flavor
dislikes source music spiders insects g0re plagiarism [email protected] p3dos gfriend antis / hters

discord : gwen#0461



gfriend ot6 dreamcatcher gahyeon enhypen jungwon txt soobin seventeen joshua nuest minhyun


nics xian alex andrea avril maria aria yuqi eishi anelle marie leanne etc

hi ! stay healthy and stay hydrated ! pls note that if i did smthn wrong , pls let me know by dming me :D and also bmf ?
hi buddy ! i know what you're feeling now but i just want to say that stay strong to us ! ( ofc including me lol ) don't forget to smile ! leader sojung said that don't cry right ? so follow it ! also don't get lose hope buddy ! gfriend promised they'll be back and i'm sure that they will do it because they have no promises that have not been fulfilled :D it's not the end for them ! gfriend loves us like how we love them so much. i love you buddy and i love you gfriend ♡︎